If you check the archives of my website, you’ll see what is virtually a day by day progress report on this trilogy. It will start at around chapter forty because that was when I turned this website into a blog. From that, people will be able to see that all three books are already written, although as I write this, only the first of the three has actually been published.

Here’s a brief description of the book, taken from Amazon.

To the people of the kingdom of Floroth, where magic is a normal part of life and fantastic creatures inhabit the surrounding lands, harpies are seen as an evil race. But when a Duke near the border of Floroth discovers a baby harpy, abandoned for the crime of merely being male, his kindhearted daughter convinces him to spare the baby and adopt him. The boy’s true nature is hidden from everyone at first, including the harpy himself, but the web of secrets surrounding young Reyes must eventually unravel to reveal the truth. When it does and Reyes discovers his true identity, will he revert to his unscrupulous harpy nature, or stay true to his human upbringing? The answer will determine the fate of Floroth as elves prepare to invade the kingdom

This description was written by a lovely young girl by the name of Kayla to whom I have dedicated the first book of the trilogy and who also happens to be my copyeditor. She’s the one who makes sure that the final version of any of my books is readable. It’s because I’ve spent so much of the last five years trying to find a good copyeditor, that there is such a large gap between this and my last book. By contrast I hope to have the entire trilogy published before the end of 2013.

So, as with London Wild I’m going to offer the first few chapters of the first book of the Trilogy – The Duke’s Son. It would seem a little silly to post the early chapters of the second and third book as all three books are one continuous story.

I hope you enjoy this snippet.



The Duke’s Son

The Princess’ Brother

The King’s Knight




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