Okay this might be fun

I found a home page for a group calling themselves Wooden Horse, but since they were only formed last year, they can’t be the right group.

I also can’t find any wiki page dedicated to the group.


Wooden horse are made up of the following people

David Mateer on vocals and acoustic guitar, he also wrote most of their material

Malcolm Harrison also on vocals and acoustic guitar

Susan Traynor on vocals

Steven Marwood on Lead guitar

and Neil Brockbank on Bass Guitar

Bob Irwin on Drums, Percussion

Dave Young on Flute, Saxophone


To my knowledge they have two albums, Wooden Horse and Wooden Horse II

This is Loving Man from the first album

Wooden Horses is from the Second Album

Feel is another from the first album

Eastbound Train also from the first album

That’s Wooden Horse








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