Hmm, I feel that wizzard were a fairly popular band of their time and yet the use of a certain search engine found nothing (no mention whatsoever)

Fortunately whatever faults they might have, Google has heard of them.

So here’s a link to their Wiki page

Now, in the understanding that this is all conjecture. The way I understand it is that Jeff Lynne left the Idle Race to join a band called The Move on the condition that said band would aid him in his project The Electric Light Orchestra. Basically The Move became the Electric Light Orchestra. One of the members of the Move and thus a founding member of ELO was Roy Wood who broke away from ELO shortly after their first album to form his own band Wizzard.

I’ll try to make a page for the Move sometime in the next year as they too are an excellent group

Now, Roy Wood seems to have been obssessed with trying to make bagpipe music popular. He didn’t succeed but he still came out with some excellent music,

I own two Wizzard Cd’s, actually they are listed as Roy Wood & Wizzard, though as I recall that wasn’t the name of the band instead seems to be an indication that Mr Wood had a musical career beyond Wizzard. The thing is my albums don’t differentiate, so I apologise inadvance if I post a Roy Wood track and claim it’s by Wizzard.

Both of the album I own are best of’s. There seems to be little point in trying to name the album a track is on, though their might be some clue in the vidoes I choose

So lets jump into the music

See My Baby Jive

Ball Park Incident

Angel Finger

And the reason  chose Wizzard for the last friday before christmas. One of the most famous christmas songs ever.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Yes, I’ve seen worse miming 🙂


Okay, that’s all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Wizzard.










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