As they have already been mentioned in my post dated the 6th August 2011, Underground Zero seem an ideal band to cover. 

As I’ve already posted two videos by Underground Zero, in that mentioned post, I will only be linking to those same two videos.

That should make things nice and easy.

Underground Zero’s Homepage.  There are four songs by Underground Zero, (at the time of posting this) that can actually be downloaded and listened to in the comfort of your own home without any outlay whatsoever.

Underground Zero’s Wiki Page 

So, to the songs.

 Aimless Flight.

My copy of Aimless Flight is on a compilation Album called Hawkwind, Friends and Relations -the Rarities.For completeness, I’m just going to mention that music by Michael Moorcock And The Deep Fix can also be found on this album

 Another song by Underground Zero, called Rainbow Warrior can also be found on this disc. A detail I forgot when writing my original post.

Canes Vena Tici

My copy of Canes Vena Tici is on a compilation album called Hawkwind Friends and Relations, it’s a slightly different track to the one presented here as this is their most recent version. The song is also called Canes Vena Tice on my copy of the album.







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