First a link to their wiki page

And their official website

I’ll start by proclaiming that I’m not a really big fan of Ultravox. Some of their music I really love, but a lot of it I hate. I can illustrate this in that I have two of their albums. One is a best of album called the Collection and doesn’t have a track on it that I don’t like. The other I picked up later is called¬†System of a Romance, and it doesn’t have a single track on it that I want to hear again. This might change with time and familiarity

The upshot is that all the pieces I choose for this page will be from the Collection

Lets press on with the music


Vienna¬†made only number 2 in the UK charts being kept off of the number one spot by a piece of obscenity called Shut Up Your Face. I was relatively young at the time and back then Ultravox were just another group I didn’t have time for.

Reap The Wild Wind


Love’s Great Adventure

The Voice

That’ll do it for Ultravox

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