No, I wasn’t lying when I named The Who as one of the bands I listened to.

The Who’s official website,

The Who’s wiki page

Now when trying to select a few songs from a group such as The Who, it tends to be quite a monumental task. I mean seriously how do you choose just three or four songs from such a list. I suppose som of the Who’s more popular tracks are those such as Pinball Wizard or Overture, both from the Album Tommy and both are excellent, but The Who are capable of so much more.

Personally I think The Who’s early stuff is amongst their best. I’m not even sure if The Who have brought anything new out in the last ten or even twenty years.

The first video I’m going to offer is the track that first made me stop and notice The Who in the first place. I Can See For Miles. It’s available on their Sell Out album.

The Who were famous for destroying their instruments at the end of every performance. I heard somewhere, that when they first started they lost more on replacing their instruments each time than they actually made at the gig.

The Who don’t destroy their instruments nowadays, not now they’re millionaires and their instruments are worth so much.

Not a criticism, I just find it a little amusing.

Here’s a nice little song called I’m A Boy.

Some great lip-syncing there 

I’m A Boy Is available on the BBC Sessions album (according to the web)

I’ll admit, my verson of this song is on an LP call 1964-1974 The Best Of The Last Ten Years. I’m not sure it made it to CD, I haven’t seen it.

My next offering, probably one of my more recent favourites is about a fat boy who goes to school and is ostracised by his class mates because of his size and the fact he doesn’t smoke. He gets the last laugh once they all start to hit middle-age.

I can relate to this song. When I was at school I knew a lot of kids who smoked because they thought it made them adults, also from about the age of eleven I began to gain weight at an alarming weight. Now that I’ve reached middle-age, I wonder how many of those I went to school with have dropped by the wayside.

This is Little Billy, from the album Odds And Sods.


Finally I’m going to end on another track from my 1964-1974 LP This is a more lighthearted number.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I offer you Whiskey Man

Whiskey Man is also available on the album A Quick One.









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