First a link to their wiki page

This band are associated with Keith West, who is probably better known for Grocer Jack,(Excerpt from a Teenage Opera) Steve Howe who went on to join Yes and Twink who went on to join the Pretty Things.  

Not to forget Mark Wirtz who was involved with Tomorrow and responsible for the Teenage Opera

Tomorrow are also associated with The In Crowd and The Aquarian Age the music of whom often appears on their albums. 

So lets get on with the music, Let’s start with Colonel Brown

A rather sad tale of an old army colonel who can no longer afford to pay his bills.

Colonel Brown is found on Tomorrow’s self titled album and on their album, Have Your Own Little Revoluton NOW! Most track I list here will be on both albums, the latter of the two is longer and is the one on which you’ll find the Aquarian Age and Keith West Tracks. The cover is easily recognisable from the video above.

This is Shy Boy


Looking for Shy Boy by Tomorrow, I found the same piece by a group called Kippinton Lodge. It reminds me that I must do them sometime, maybe next week. For now though lets procede with Auntie Mary’s Dress Shop

These first three tracks can also be found on the Teenage Opera album, For the last piece though I thought I’d choose one of their most famous tracks, the oringinal version of My White Bicycle

And thats it’s for Tomorrow.




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