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Some of the members in T2 were previously members of other bands such as, The Bulldog Breed and Please. My first offering therefore is a cover version of an old Please song from the late 60’s

Ladies and Gentlemen, T2’s version of No More White Horses

At the moment I only have one T2 album, It’ll all work out in boomland, so obviously you’ll fine this track there, as you would this next track.

In Circles.

Actually for some reason if seems to be on the album twice, I expect there’s some minor difference between the two versions.

Since making the original post, above, I have managed to find a second CD by T2 apparently it’s a companion to the first and was made at the same time although it’s only been released relatively recently.

So, two more songs from this second album to bring T2 up to what is now the standard four tracks per group.

This one is called Timothy Monday from their self titled second album, the second album has also been called Fantasy

And from the same album, Highway




Enjoy the additions 🙂










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