Lead man with the Bonzo Dog Band, he was also involved with Mike Oldfields tubular bells and countless other projects

There are at least four solo albums that I know of. Two of these follow the exploits of one Henry Rawlinson. there was even a movie (filmed in sepia) based on one of these albums. Theses are spoken word.

There are also two music albums, Teddy Boys Don’t Knit and Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead of the two I only own Teddy Boys Don’t Knit and so will be selecting my music from that album.

First I think we need a link to Vivian’s wiki page

Unfortunately Vivian died back in 1995. He has no homw page, but his daughter has made a nice page in tribute to her father. Visit it a Ginger Geezer.net


So on to the music.

Lets start with Ginger Geezer

Slave Valse

The main problem with Viv, isn’t that his songs aren’t on the net, its that most of them don’t seem to be available in this country. don’t you just love censorship?


Possibly An Armchair



Thats it for Viv.











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