Lets start with their home page

I can’t find a Wiki page for them, I can find a lot of wiki pages describing their albums and even a Facebook page, but no Wiki page about the band itself

So, onto the music

This is the Boston Tea Party, It’s a live version, unfortunately it’s the best version I could find.

I would have liked to have found the Old grey Whistle Test version, but will have to settle for the above.


Thr last of the Teenage Idols – It’s another live track, but it doesn’t sound too bad. SAHB might be a half decent live group.

Faith Healer, possibly my favourite track and finally something not live…

My last offering for today

Well, I Wanted to add There’s No Lights On The Christmas Tree Mama They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight, but I can’t find a decent version.

Instead I’m going to go with their verson of the old Tom Jones┬ápiece, Delilah┬áThis video comes from the same episode of the Old Grey Whistle Test that I was looking for, for The Boston Tea Party. Shame that one doesn’t seem to be available.

That’s it until next week.






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