First, a link to their Wiki page

The scaffold are related to The Grimms

Roger McGough of the Scaffold also appeared in a short clip of the Rutles Documentary..

I only own one album by the Scaffold, it’s called the Abbey Road album

Lets press on to the music with what is quite possibly their most famous song

Lily The Pink

My very first copy of the above track was on a single. The reverse side of the single was probably my favourite all time Scaffold track

Buttoms Of Your Mind.

According to my single, the track was called Buttons On Your Mind. I wonder if the record is worth anything for that mispelling

My next choice is the theme song from an old sixties sit com. I’m afraid I didn’t really like the sit-com itself, but the song was excellemt.

Liver Birds,

I’m going to end with alonther of their more famous pieces

Thank U Very Much

That’s it for the Scaffold



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