Yep a great scottish group from the seventies – String Driven Thing

String Driven Thing’s homepage

String Driven Thing’s Wiki Page

So to the music, Lets start with a song from the album The Machine That Cried called, the Machine That Cried.

I’m going to move straight on with a really happy song called people on the street.

People on the Street is also from the album The Machine That Cried

It’s is an excellent album, only 10 tracks but not a duff track on it.

This is Jack Diamond.

My version of Jack Diamond is on an album called In the studio 1972 & Live in Switzerland 1973

My final Track is a break from tradition. I don’t have a copy of this song in my collection, I just found it as I’m writing this page and heard it pretty much for the first time as I’m placing it here. There are few songs I like as soon as I hear them, but this is one of them. Others include No More White Horses, the T2 version and Episode by Pavlov’s Dog.

So, It’s Easy To Be Free! As for the album, your guess is as good as mine!











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