A French group from the seventies whose music consisted more of instrumental music rather than actual songs.

Here’s a like to their wiki page

Now, I only own three albums by this group, but their music is generally excellent nevertheless.

Lets start with the title track from their album, Magic Fly

You know, with a name like Space, I can understand the astronaut suits. I can even understand the dancing girl, but it’s a little strange the way the camera seems to concentrate on her tail end all the time.

Also from the album Magic Fly I bring you a song called Carry On Turn Me On and yes, this one does actually seem to have words.

I’m going to jump to the album Deliverance for a single song – Running In The City.

And finally I’ll jump back to Magic Fly for the last track. When you call yourself Space, and you have a track called Ballad for Space Lovers, you have to wonder what they really had in mind.

Ballad for Space Lovers was the B side of the single Magic Fly (or maybe it was a double A). Anyway, here it is – Ballad for Space Lovers









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