I thought it was time to expand my reportoire and offer something slightly different. It’s time for a little bit of Mandopop in the shape of the group S.H.E!

S.H.E’s wiki page

The main problem I’m going to have with this page is that although I do speak a little chinese, I really don’t read it. As a result, for each of S.H.E’s videos, I’m pretty much going to let them speak for themselves. The other big problem I’m having is not knowing how to ask for the actual tracks I want. This might take me a while.

Well, not everything S.H.E sings has a mandarin title. Lets start with Super Star


Bo Si Mao, a song about a persian pussy cat.

This is Zen Me Ban – Theme tune to the Taiwanese Idol Drama Hana Kimi


Hana Kimi starred one of the members of S.H.E, Ella, infiltrating an all boy school to get close to to one she loves. It also stars most of the members of the boy band Fahrenheit, in various school boy roles, including the one she has a crush on (Wu Chun) and another member of the band who think’s he might be gay because he falls in love with her (Jiro)

This is Remember

The funny thing about S.H.E is they tend to sing a lot of their songs to existing music.I recognise the music in Bo Si Mao, though can’t name it off the top of my head. Remember, of course, is Swan Lake



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