You know, the name Cat Stevens means so much more to me that Yusef Islam. I’ll admit I don’t know what his music is like since he changed his name. I had the option of buying some once, but didn’t go for it. I like his older music. Thats probably a pattern you’ll notice with me for a lot of groups. I prefer the seventies era and maybe the early eighties.

Anyway,here is a link to his homepage

And here is his Wiki page

So lets get the ball rolling with a song I hated at the time it was issued. It was a hymn I was regularly forced to sing at school and that sort of thing can really influence the way you feel about something. I haven’t been forced to sing that song since I left school though and this has really enabled me to appreciate the song.

Here is is, Mornng Has Broken.


Now, I only have two albums by Cat Stevens. One of these is a best of album, it is called simply Gold. Morning Has Broken can be found on Gold, as can Lady D’Arbanville

This following song was used extensively in the movie Harold and Maude. It’s

If You Want To Sing Out Sing Out, and it too can be found on the Gold album


There are any number of songs I could finish with, this is Trouble another from the Gold album.


That’ll do it for Cat Stevens. Hope you enjoyed the music




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