Way Way back in the annuls of history, shortly after Monty Python had finished airing, four lads got together and made a comedy sketch show, an heir to the python legacy. They were Eric Idle, Neil Innes, David Battley  and Henry Wolfe. The Series was called Rutland Weekend Televiion and lasted for two seasons. Here is a link to the TV series Wiki.

With Neil Innes in the group there were likely to be a lot of songs. One of their sketches covered the idea of a Beatles Parody band called the Rutles.

Now the way I understand it, Idle was introducing Saturday Night Live in the U.S. and took the Rutles sketch to America in order to show it. It was very popular, SNL commisionned a full on mockumentary and the Rutles Phenomena soon took off.

There are two Rutles albums that I know of, The first one produced contained the music of the mockumentary and a second brought out 18 years later called Archealogy, wihich coincided with the (or was released shortly after) The Beatles album called Anthology

The Rutles are also related to Timebox through Ollie Halsall and John Halsey


So, Here’s the Rutles Wiki page

I don’t know if this page is directly related or not, but it looks well made

So, she music.

Lets start with Cheese And Onions

Piggy In The Middle

Major Happy’s Up and Coming Once Upon A Good Time Band

And To finish with

Thats it for this week.








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