And why not?

Instead of covering the performer for this page, I thought I’d name one of my favourite composers. As a writer rather than a performer perhaps he doesn’t exactly belong here. Then again, it’ll be christmas in less than two weeks time, besides this is my website and I’m willing to stretch the issue

Prokofiev’s Wiki page

Now, I think since he died in 1953, it’s highly unlikely that he has his own home page, so I haven’t bother to hunt one down.

This however looks like and interesting fan page

So, onto the songs

Let’s start with Dance Of The Knights

Dance of the Knight is from the Romeo and Juliet Suite.

Prokofiev also liked to tell children’s stories, Heres a short cartoon based on Prokofiev’s Peter and the wolf

I’m going to stick to just three pieces for Prokofiev, I’m not keen on opera so I’m not going to touch on the love of three oranges, instead, because it is christmas, here from Lt Kije is the track Troika

Thats it for Prokofiev. Hope you enjoyed the music.







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