A few weeks ago when I did my Curved Air page, I mentioned that I had heard Sonja Kristina was one of the five most influential woman in British music.

Well, apparently Annie Haslam of Rennaissance fame was one of the other four.

Heres a link to Renaissance’s wiki page


Lets got straight to the music and start with what is probably their most famous hit. Northern Lights

The Song Northern Lights came be found on the Album A Song For All Seasons

For the longest time A Song For All Seasons was the only Renaissaince Album I had. Seriously it was at least ten years before I added anything else, not because I didn’t want other Rennaissance albums but because I couldn’t find them. I feel it is understandable therefore that most of my most favourite tracks can be found on this album.

This include the Title track of the Album, A Song For All Seasons.

Okay scratch that, it’s not available. The best I can find is a seven and a quarter minute live version that really doesn’t do credit to the eleven plus minute full version.

Instead, I thought I’d offer Day Of The Dreamer From the same album

If the video is anything to go by it can also be found on an album called BBC Sessions.

to be honest, this version sounds a little bit off. It’s definitely slightly different to the one I’m used to, but once again the version I’m used to doesn’t seem to bne available.

Lets try a different Album

Ocean Gypsy is from Scheherazade

Finding any non-live tracks is difficult

I did find this, it’s Face Of Yesterday from the album Illusion.







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