Well, I can find no sign of any home website for this group, since many of the members have long since gone to form other groups I guess I’m not too surprised. Most surprising is the fact that there seems to be no Wiki page for them either.

It was members of Please and another band called Bulldog Breed who would later form the group known as T2

This is the original version of the song. No more White Horses.


The T2 version of this song can by found on the T2 page.

There are two albums that I know of by the the band Please. As can be seen on the cover of the album in the video above, one of them is called 1968/1969 the other goes by the name seeing stars

Unfortunately there dosen’t appear to be any songs available online from the latter of those two albums, so everything I add will be from the 68/69 album

The Story


Folder Man

There’s a song on the Bulldog Breed album Made In England called Folder Men. It’s a totally different song. I just note it because of the later relationship between certain members of the two bands.

I’m going to end this page with Paper Anne.

Thats it for another week, I hope you enjoyed the music.









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