Another shout to the 1970’s

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I’ll admit, when I first heard this opening track, I thought the lead singer was a woman. Then I found out his name – David Surkamp.

From the album Pampered Menial I offer Episode

Episode is one of those songs I only had to hear the once before I fell in love with it. It doesn’t happen often, most somgs I have to hear a few times before I can even begin to get into them. When a song does hit me like that though, I know it has to be a good one and that the band is probably well worth pursuing.


The next track is from the same album, it’s called simply Julia.

From Pavlov’s Dog’s second album, called At The Sound Of the Bell. Pampered Menial was easy for me to find, I had a lot of trouble getting hold of a copy of At The Sound Of the Bell though. Even third was easier for me to find.

So, my last offering for this group is from the album Third. It should be easy to guess that Third is thier third album. This one is called Painted Ladies

Hope you found Pavlov’s Dog entertaining,










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