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I was surprised to find out, when preparing for this page that Gerry Rafferty died in the early part of 2011

I only have one album by this singer, it’s a best of album. Strangely my wife and I both had exactly the same album of his despite the fact that they have different names and different covers.

As with a lot of singers Gerry isn’t only known as a solo artist but also spent a fair amount of time in various groups such as Stealer’s Wheel and the Humblebums.

So on to the music. With an artist like Gerry, I don’t think I’m going to have a lot of trouble finding the music. lets start with the song that I’m sure most people know already

Baker Street

Take The Money And Run

The year 2008 appears on the video above. That has to refer to the date of the video rather than the song. I’ve have my CD containing the song for at least ten years longer than that.

Apparently Take the Money And Run is on the album Night Owl

Night Owl though is on the album Baker Street

It’s probably on the album Night Owl as well, but I don’t possess either


I’m going to end this week’s selection with Get It Right Next Time

Thats it for Gerry, hope you enjoyed the music.






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