Time for a little Moody Blues.

There are a lot of bands who have their roots in the sixties that started off as blues bands. If you listen to their early music you can hear it clearly in their roots. Two bands that spring to mind just off the top of my head, are Fleetwood Mac and the Pretty Things.

By comparison, the Moody Blues, despite having the word blues in their name has never sounded all that Bluesy to me.

The Moody Blues official website

And the Moody Blues Wiki page

Now, time to move on to the songs. My first offering is called Forever Autumn

Technically this is Justin Hayward rather than the Moody Blues, but I’m not planning a page dedicated to just Mr Hayward and this song is too good to be ignored. Hence I’ve place it here on the page I’ve dedicated to the music of the Moody Blues.

Forever Autumn is part of the War of the Worlds album. It can also be found on The Best Of The Moody Blues

This is Are You Sitting Comfortably?

This is from the album, Threshold of a Dream. I’ll admit, I think this is probably my favourite album of them all.

I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)

I’m Just A Singer is available on the album Seventh Sojourn

Finally, a band like the Moody Blues deserves a fourth track. There are so many tracks to choose from that it’s difficult to select just one to finish with. So I’m going to return to the basics and offer what I tend to think of as the most famous Moody Blues track in existance.

Nights In White Satin.

Nights In White Satin is available on the Days Of Future Passed album




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