As of writing this, I just heard that Davy Jones died about two weeks ago.

I can think of no better tribute than to dedicate todays music page to him, Hence todays choice of the Monkees.

So, here is a link to their home page

and to their wiki page.

The Monkees produced several albums during their time as well as a great deal of Best of albums. Where possible though, I will try to name the actual album rather than just declare it can be found on a collection of some description.


So, I suppose I should start this page with the Monkees Theme, but to be honest I think that would be a little too predictable.

Instead, assuming I can find it, I’m going to start with a track called Randy Scouse Git. In Britain back in the sixties and seventies¬†words like Randy and Git, and possibly even Scouse were definite no-no’s, so the song was released under an Alternate Title. It was released on the Album Headquarters

For Pete’s Sake


Look Out (here comes tomorrow).

Here, complete with the opening theme tune to the movie Head – The Porpoise Song

And there it is, the Monkees, yay!


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