First a link to their wiki page

Before we start I should confess to the fact the I only own the one album by this group and it’s a best of album.

Everything I add will be from this album and are most likely to be found on any best of albums you might be able to find.

I remember there was a wide Leif when I was young that Cass Elliot, A.K.A. Mama Cass had died while eating a sandwich. I guess Cass was a large girl and it fit in with the idea that fat people get that way because they are always eating. You watch TV in those days and any fat person depicted would always be seen tucking in to something.

Cass Elliot, for those who don’t know better, died of a heart attack.

Anyway, on with the music

Lets start with Creeque Alley

If you follow the lyrics of Creeque Alley, it pretty much tells the story of how the group formed.

Thus from those lyrics we can see that the band is related to the Mugwumps, who I have nothing by and indirectly (via the Mugwumps)  to the Lovin’ Spoonful. They are also related to a band called the New Journeymen, again I have nothing by them.

One of their most famous pieces has to be California Dreamin’

I wonder why song writers have the habit of replacing g’s in ing words with apostrophes. I guess they think it’s cool or something.

Let’s go on with Monday Monday

I’m going to end with Dedicated To The One I Love

That’s it for the Mama’s and the Papas





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