Nirvana’s Wiki page

This is not dedicated to the Seattle band led by Kurt Cobain, but by the group that started life in the sixites and I believe are still active today. I won’t refer to them as Nirvana (UK), they were around for nearly twenty years before there was any alternative.

So, to the music.

Lets start with Rainbow Chaser off the album All Of Us.

I did have Wings Of Love is From the album The Story of Simon Simopath.
Unfortunately I’ve had to replace it.

Here’s Black Flower from the album of the same name. It’s actually an album I don’t have I did order it, but I never recieved it. It’s on Chemistry as well


Lithium. It’s a cover of a song by that other Nirvana. It was going to be part of an album called Nirvana Sings Nirvana, but then Cobain died and the plans were shelved.

Lithium can be found on the album Orange and Blue

There are lots of songs that I could add. This is one of those groups where it’s hard to stick to just four songs.

Here’s The Picture of Dorian Grey, From the album Chemistry.

And that was Nirvana.








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