There is no wiki page for this group and it does look as if there is a home page either.

However, the groups one album, New Worlds Fair does appear to have a Wiki page, and Michael Moorcock, being a novellst as well as a band member has his own page as well.

Micheal Moorcock collaborated on some of Hawkwind’s pieces and some of their music can be found on the Hawkwind Friends and Relations albums along with groups such as Underground Zero

The New World’s Fair seems to be a concept album, a guy known only as Dude goes to the local fair. He sees a cute 16 year old girl out with her friends, has a go on some of the rides, visits the music tent to watch the band and then gets caught in the middle of a nuclear war.

So, lets get on with the music

In The Name Of Rock And Roll


Dodgem Dude

Dude’s Dream, complete with lead in.

The Candy Floss Cowboy


And thats it for The Deep Fix.








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