Time for a little bit of folk rock. Ladies and Gentlemen I present, Mellow Candle!

As far as I know, Mellow Candle only have one CD on the market. It’s called Swadling songs, and if you like these few offerings, I certainly suggest that you should look for a copy.

I can’t find a home page for Mellow Candle. I did find plenty of fan pages though.

This though is Mellow Candle’s wiki page

Onto the songs.

Mellow Candle have a wide array of songs I’d love to offer you, this first offering is called Vile Excesses and of all their songs, this is possibly my favourite.

Don’t those girls have beautiful voices?

Another of Mellow Candle’s greats, this one is called Dan The Wing.

I saw a clip of something called the Virgin Prophet while watching that. I wonder if that’s another album I didn’t know about, a single or what I’ll have to look in to it, it’s not on Swaddling Songs.


This song is called the Poet And The Witch


So, this one is called Silver Song.

I hope you enjoyed the music of Mellow Candle as much as I did. 🙂



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