First a link to their wiki page

According to the wiki, Meal Ticket are described as a country rock band. They were active in the seventies with their last album being produced in 1978. Which is a little unfortunate as what is probably my favourite track by them was written for the 1980 teleplay The Flipside of Dominick Hide.

It’s called You Better Believe It Babe and as far as I know doesn’t appear on any album. The only reason it exists as a single piece at all is because someone painstakingly put it together by editing the various verses from the program. Accompanying it with stills from the show.

I have two albums by the group Take Away and Three Times A Day

unfortunately I need new copies of both. I have them on vinyl and since I don’t own a record player it makes it very hard to listen to them.

This Could Be The Town is from Three Times A Day

Simple is from Take Away

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