First a link to their wiki page

So, the Kinks, what to say about them? Well, I don’t know of any band they’re associated with. Nevetheless they are a very influential band in their own right and have been around since the sixties.

I own somewhere between fifteen and twenty albums by them, (I can’t be bothered to make an accurate count.) Albums include Percy. The kinks did the music for the movie Percy, though I’m afraid I’m not that keen on either the movie or the music they wrote for it.

If you’re interested, Percy is a fictitious movie about the world’s first Percy transplant.

So, on to the music

Picture Book

Picture Book is from the Village Green Preservation Society.


Arthur is from the album Arthur And The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire

The kinks are one of those groups where they are so popular it’s hard to find the decent stuff among all the covers, live stuff and alternate versions. However I shall persevere.

Dead End Street

Dead End Street will be on any number of best of albums. And on Face to Face as a bonus track

Come Dancing

As far as I know Come Dancing was the band’s last real hit. It’s on the album State of Confusion


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