Sometime in the last twelve months or so I had a birthday. I won’t narrow it any further than that, except to say it wasn’t in the last two weeks. One gift I recieved was Magic Carpet by Loudest Whisper. It’s a six CD set including Children Of Lir a copy of which I already had. Strangely though the box set version is three tracks short, though the missing tracks could be found on other CD’s

Anyway, enough back ground. Here’s a link to their wiki page

And this looks like a home page of some description!

So, on to the music,

As I say, I’ve had Children of Lir for a long while, so most of the tracks will be from that disc.

Let’s start with Silent O’Moyle

Cold Winds Blow

Wedding Song

I’ll end with Septimus

And thats Loudest Whisper

A short note about the Children of Lir

Many of the songs on the album surround the irish folk legend of the same name. When Bodb is made King, Lir walks out beleiving he should have been king. Rather than attacking him, the King sends him a daughter for a wife to placate him and Lir has four children with her, a daughter, Fionuala,and three boys, Aodh, Conn and Fiachra. The wife dies and so the King sends a second daughter Aoife to replace her. Aoife is jealous of the love that the children had for each other and for Lir and so she curses them to live as swans for 900 years until the coming of christianity to ireland

They spend the first 300 years on a lake near their father’s castle, Lough Derravarough, where it’s fairly peaceful, the next 300 on the Sea of Moyle where the water is rough, and the last 300 on the icy cold waters of Irrus Domnann.

Eventually they hear the sound of the bell  of a monk and go to him seeking his help to change them back to humans. When they are returned to human form, they are ancient and live just long enough to be baptised. They are buried together in the same grave,

While they are swans, they keep the power of speech and are given the ability to sing beautifully.

Aoife for her trouble was turned into an air demon (or something like that)
















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