Okay, so. First the traditional links to thier website

And to their Wiki page

Lindisfarne are related to Jack the Lad

I have no less than five albums by the group, Of those, two of them never get played and one is a best of. The other two are fairly loaded down with musical goodness though, so I’ll be choosing my selection from those albums.

Lindisfarne is one of those groups that I sometimes hestitae to admit I like. Why?

Because, several years ago now, they release a song ‘Fog on the Tyne’ with a professional footballer. That sort of thing can really taint a group image. I’m just glad it was Fog on the Tyne and not one of their better songs. It might be one of their most famous tracks but I never really thought much of it.

So lets press on with the music.


Well two of the tracks I had hoped to add aren’t available. This leave me to pretty much just one album. It goes by the name On Tap, and all music chosen will be from that album (I’d be shocked if I still can’t find it)

Winter Song

All Fall Down

Meet Me On The Corner

There, Lindisfarne full of lack of Fog on the Tyne goodness










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