Possibly one of the most versatile and definitely on of the most prolific musicians out there.

Neil has been involved with many differant groups during his career as well as being a good friend of the Monty Python team and appearing in all of their movies.

Here is a link to Neil’s wiki page

and this one goes to his his home page.  

In time I plan to visit at least four of the groups Neil has been invoved with. The Rutles, the World, the Grimms and of course the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. This page though is dedicated to the man himself and the his solo career.

The main problem I have is the Neil has always had a very light hearted edge to most of his songs and though I have nothing against comedy tunes, I’m trying to keep these pages to the more serious side of music. Nevertheless lets see what we can dig up.

Most of the videos I’ll be posting are clips taken from the Innes Book of Records. It was a TV series dedicated to Neil’s music. I’d love to be able to get the entire thing on DVD sometime. I hope it is eventually released on disc.

The first track on my list is called Cezanne Says Anne. It shows a habit that Neil is very good with in his music of finding words that sound similar but have very diffrent meanings.

Moving right along, I offer Ungawa

Ignore the bit with Zena Skinner at the end, it’s not part of the song.

Next, I think I have to offer Stoned on Rock.

This is one of those singers who has put out so much music that its hard to choose just four tracks. I might choose I’m the urban spaceman, but although there is a solo Neil innes version it’s better known for the Bonzo Dog Band.

I should probably go for How Sweet To Be An Idiot

How Sweet To Be An Idiot is from the album of the same name.

Ungawa and Stoned on Rock are from the album Off The Record

Cezanne Says Anne – I actually have no idea if this is even on an album.

And as previously stated all videos are from the TV series Innes Book Of Records.








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