As we enter the month of July, what better band to offer up firt than the band that named itself July?

Lets start with a link to their wiki page

I can’t find any home page for the group. Though you can imagine what you get when, typing July into a search engine. For some reason the month seems to be a lot more popular.

Now, I only have one album by July, it’s a self titled album. As far as I know it might be the only album they’re released. Anyway, all music listed here will be from that album.


July are related to Jade Warrior and Unit 4+2

I’m going to open the music with Dandelion Seeds

Jolly Mary


A bird lived


Judging by the cover shown on the next video, they do have a second album. The Song Move On Sweet Flower is also on their first album

That’ll do it for July





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