Journey, what can I say about them. I really got into Journey because of my wife. When I first visited her I discovered that she was a Journey fan. Then when I next saw my brother I noticed that he too had a couple of their albums and since I know his taste in music tends to be good, I decided to try them myself and have never looked back.

So, This looks like Journey’s home page

And Journey’s wiki page

So on on the videos.  Now a lot of Journey videos seems to have been filmed during live concerts. This first song is such an example.

Don’t Stop Believing, this is one of my all time favourite Journey songs.

Don’t Stop Believing can be found on the album Escape.


Wheel in the sky

It’s seriously difficult to choose just two songs from a group such as this. So I’m going to treat myself and add a third video


Wheel In The Sky and Lights can both be found on Infinity.

 When I began adding musical favourites to my website, the idea was to have three songs from each group with a bonus fourth somng occasionally. More and more though four has proven to be the rule with only bands I don’t have too much music of getting less. Since Journey was one of the very first two bands I added, they seem to have been restricted to three songs. Well no longer. In order to redress this imbalance, I’m now (3 months later) adding a forth song.

This is Stone in Love, From the album Escape.






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  1. Sable says:

    See what I have to put up with? His brother has good taste but his girlfriend, not so much till his brother likes them! 🙂 🙂

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