Lets begin with Jethro Tull’s homepage

And this leads to the wiki page

This is one of those groups whose music is so excellent to listen to that it’s going to be very difficult to choose just four songs. Seriously four songs when there are well over 20 albums out there.

I’m going to start with Living In The Past. which is on the album Original Masters, Living In The Past and probably several other best of and collections.

I’m going to add Witches Promise as my second track. This is a meaningful piece for me because it was the first song I heard by them after Living In The Past. It was the song that made me sit up and actually take notice of the band.

Witches Promise can also be found on Original Masters and no doubt many other best of albums.

For the third song, I’m going to jump to the album Too Old To Rock ‘N’ Roll Too Young To Die. The title track of this album is itself excellent, but I’m going to offer my personal favourite The Chequered Flag (Dead Or Alive)

I’m going to end this with a track from the album Crest Of a Knave

This is Steel Monkey

Thats it for Jethro Tull, hope you enjoyed the music







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