First a link to their wiki page

Jack the Lad are extremely closely related to Lindisfarne.

I have two albums by the group Jack the Lad. the first goes by the name Rough Diamonds and is an album of traditional songs and old folk, the second is It’s Jack the Lad which has an altogether more modern feel to it.

First I offer Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair is from Rough Diamonds

Song Without A Band is from It’s

The main problem I’m having with finding songs for this group, is that although there do seem to be a fair number of songs by Jack the Lad out there, few of them are from either of the two albums I know. I don’t feel comfortable posting a song I know nothing about, especially when there are other groups in existence with names very similar to Jack the Lad.

So I’m going to leave this page at just two songs, for now anyway.

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