A quick search about the internet for either a wiki or a home page reveals nothing.

Apparently there’s a punk rock bank formed in Chicago that calls themselves The Ghost and a Swedih heavy metal band that also use the name but neither of them are this band

I’m not sure that bodes well for me finding any of their music on Youtube. That would be fun, having an entire page dedicated to a group for whom I can’t find any music.

Well, I have one album by the group, as far as I know it’s their only album but without any frame of reference I can’t beĀ certain. The Album is called When You’re Dead —–One Second.

Lets see if I can find some of theĀ songs from the album.

This is Hearts and Flowers

Finding that song fills me with hope that this isn’t going to be a dead loss after all

Lets move on with Me And My Loved Ones



Here’s the title track of the album

The last track I’m going to choose for this group is called I’ve Got To Get To Know You.

And that’s the ghost. Strange how in the end it was easy to find their videos, but no real information about them.






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