First here’s a link to Gun’s Wiki page

Gun consist of the two Curtis brothers, Adrian and Paul, who for reasons of Showbusiness would later change their name to Gurvitz. Gun would also change it’s name to Three Man Army and later when they were joined by Ginger Baker and create¬†the Baker-Gurvitz Army. I’ll get to both bands in time

Gun have only two¬†albums that I know of, the self named Gun and Gunsight. Of the two I’ll admit I prefer the self named album. For one thing it has what is probably their most famous track Race With The Devil

Also from this album is The Sad Saga Of The Boy And The Bee

Jumping across to Gunsight for Head In The Clouds

And to finish with another track from the first album

This is Runnin’ Wild

And that’s Gun!





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