I can find neither a wiki page nor a home page for this group.

They have at least two albums that I am aware of. One of these albums is called My Lagan Love, the other goes by the name Whistling Jigs To The Moon. There are probably others, but these are the one I know.

I’m going to start with the lead track from My Lagan Love

And we’re off to a good start, the track My Lagan Love doesn’t seem to be available.

So grabbing another track off the same album, I offer Bonny At Morn

And also from the same album Pretty Polly

While Bonny at Morn was a track I was likely to choose anyway, I don’t really know Pretty Polly quite as well, it was chosen for this page as much because it was the only other track from the album I could find.

Perhaps I’ll have better luck finding music from the other album. As of making this page I’ve only had Whistling Jigs To The Moon for a few short months, I don’t know the music on it as well as I do My Lagan Love album

This is called simply Little Roving Sailor

I’m going to finish this page with Mariner Blues. Here I have the same problem as I did with My Lagan Love in that there are very few tracks available to choose from. Once again I would probably have added Little Roving Sailor anyway, and I don’t think Mariner Blues is a bad choice.

Thats it for this week.


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