So, first a link to Family’s wiki page

Roger Chapman, Family;s front man was also involved with a group called the Streetwalkers. I do actually own and album by them, but I’m not sure it’s much to write home about, so it seemes doubtful as to whether or not I’ll ever dedicate a page to them.

I currently have 8 Family albums, so plenty of scope to choose from. I’ll admit, not every album is that good. Anyway for example only has one track I like and I don’t think it’s good enough to add here

So on with the music and I’m going to start with the track that got me into Family in the first place. In My Own Time

In my own time is on The A’s and B’s

The Weaver’s Answer is on Entertainment

Coronation is on the album Bandstand

Finally Back to Entertainment for Emotions


Thats it for Family hope you enjoyed the music






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