Yep I did ELO a few weeks ago, now it’s time for ELP.

Click Here For Emerson Lake and Palmers Wiki Page

Or here for what looks like their home page

Keith Emerson was, of course later associated with groups such as The Nice, I expect I’ll get round to them a little later.

So, on to the songs. And no page dedicated to Emerson Lake and Palmer would be complete with this first track. Fanfare for the common man.

Fanfare For the Common Man can be found on The Works Volume 1

The next track os from the album Trilogy, now I wanted to add Abaddon’s Bolero from this album, but other than a fan version I have been unable to locate it, so here is the title track of the album, another excellent track – Trilogy

It’s actull difficult to find the tracks I’d like to add. I wanted to add the track Tank, from the self titled Emerson Lake and Palmer album, if contains what is possibly the best drum solo I’ve ever heard, but all I can find of it is the drum solo itself. It’s bery nice, but it’s not what I want. So the next track, from the same album is Lucky Man.

Although it may be embarressing at time to claim that you actually like certain christmas songs, there is one in particular by Greg Lake that I have liked ever since I first heard it and this is one of the reason why I chose to add Emerson Lake and Palmer to my selection with just two days to go until christmas.

Admittedly this is Greg lake rather than Emerson Lake and Palmer. On the other hand, it can be found on ELP’s Works Volume 2 album, therefore I feel it belongs here.

Well, thats all I can do for ELP. Have a good christmas and I’ll add another group next week.






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