A link to Electric Light Orchestras Wiki page 

The way I always understood it was the the Electric Light Orchestra came from the surviving members of The Move. Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, and I think Bev Bevin. According to the Wiki Page above, Jeff Lynne was also front man for the group Idle Race, a fact I didn’t know until about five seconds ago. We’ll be looking at the Idle Race on a future page, right now this page is about ELO.

ELO are also related to Wizzard, through Roy Wood

The first song I have to offer you is called The Diary Of Horace Wimp.

The Diary Of Horace Wimp is on the album Discovery


Next I thought a track from the album Out Of The Blue

Wild West Hero

I can already see that it’s going to be hard to stick to just four songs. There are so many, Mr Blue Sky would be a good one to add, it’s also on Out Of The Blue

The choice of the last song, Where to go? Time is such an excllant album with so many tracks that I love, something like Yours Truly 2095 would be idea to finish with.

Instead though, I think I’ll go with a track from what is quite likely my least favourite album, Eldorado

Well thats it for The Electric Light Orchestra. Once again I’ve been forced to leave more tracks from the page than I’ve been able to add. Oh Well, such is life.








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