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This looks like Dragon’s official homepage, if it not please feel free to correct me  

I’ll admit since I don’t live in New Zealand or Australia getting hold of music by Dragon isn’t all that easy for me. At the moment I have just the one Dragon album – Scented Gardens For the Blind. This album only has six tracks on it, but they are all well worth a listen to.

This is Scented Garden’s for the Blind from the album of the same name. Enjoy!

By the look of it, every song from this album is available on youtube and by the same person who posted the video above. This being the case I can’t resist the urge to post a second video from the same album.

Here Is Vermillion Cellars. Again, Enjoy!


ETA: –

Since Dragon seem to have a wide selection of CD’s (despite the fact I only own one of them) I feel it’s reasonable to post another couple of songs to bring them in line with the standard four songs per group.

So La Gash Lagoon

and Darkness

boths songs are also on the album Scented Gardens For The Blind








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