Straight off lets offer their home page

And their Wiki page

I’m not sure what to say, I recently heard (from my brother) that Sonja Kristina was recently voted one of the five most influential female singers in Britain. They have at least nine albums out, thats how many I have on my CD shelves. and they have been around since 1970

But you don’t want me to waffle on about the group, you want to hear the music

No page dedicated to Curved Air would be complete without thir version of Vivaldi

Or at least one of their many versions of Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is one the album Air Conditioning

Everdance is from their Second Album

Doing this I never realised how sparse Curved Air is on Youtube, there just don’t seem to be all that many non-live versions of their songs. Took me ages to find this¬†version of Back Street Luv and even this has an irritating lead in.

I thought I’d end with Phantasmogoria, guess what? I can’t find it. How about Once a Ghost always a Ghost – nope same problem. Curved Air are definitely a highly underrated group.

From the album Lovechild I’ve selcted the track Seasons. Chosen as much because I could actually find it as because it’s a track a like. Saying that though, other than the title track itself (which I couoldn’t find) it is my favourite track on the album.

So, thats it for another week and another group. I hope you like the music that’s offered.

















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