CCS or if you prefer the Collective Consciousness Society. Saying that, if you’ve ever bought a single, vinyl album or CD, it is the initials CCS and not the full name of the group that you will see on the label.

So, lets kick off with a link to their wiki page 

They have two albums of which I am aware. CCS and CCS2. The better music, to my opinion is on the first of these albums, There is some good stuff on both though 

Lets Kick this off with Salome

We’ll move straight along with what is possibly the most famous cover of a Led Zeppelin piece, A Whole Lot Of Love. Whole lot of love (the CCS version) was used as the theme turn to Top of the Pops for many years,

Hmm – Well, a couple of months ago I was using the internet to compare the two versions of the song. I had no trouble finding it them, but today it doesn’t seem to exist. So I’m going to move right along with the next track.

Lets try Tap Turns On The Water Instead

This one is called the Band Played Boogie.

Since I can’t offer Whole Lotta Love, I’m going to go with Boom Boom as my last offering.









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