First a link to their wiki page

And their home page

If you check out the Byrd’s wiki page, the very first line directs you to a band called The Birds.

I have two albums by the Byrds, Fifth Dimension and a best of album. All tracks will be from one of these two albums, most likely they’ll all come from the best of album, there is a reason it’s called best of.

Lets start with

Eight Miles High

Mr Spaceman

Renaissance Fair

And to end with

5D (fifth Dimension)

That’s it for The Byrds. Those of you who know the Byrds will notice I haven’t included what are probably their best known tracks, Mr Tambourine Man or Turn Turn Turn. While I do like those pieces, I prefer the ones I’ve listed here. On the other hand I wanted to, but didn’t include the Bob Dylan cover Lay Lady Lay. I could only find an alternate version and to my mind it wasn’t up to the job.









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