Now although David Bowie is a great musician in his own right, I only have the one album by him, it’s one of his collections and contains nearly every song by him that I want, so I see no reason to get any other albums. It’s his 1969/1974 album. Which is pretty much the era during which I felt he released his best work.

So down to business, This is David Bowie’s home page

And the Wiki page

David Bowie hold a soft spot in my heart. His song, ‘the Laughing Gnome,’ was the first single I can remember owning that I am still willing to listen to today. I mean, I also had a copy of the Yellow Submarine/Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines as sung by Pinky and Perky. I also had a copy of My Ding-a-Ling, by Chuck Berry. You won’t find either of those on my music favourites any time soon.

So, lets start with the Laughing Gnome

the Laughing Gnome isn’t on the album I mentioned, I have it as a vinyl single.

Moving on, and no David Bowie page would be complete without Space Oddity

John, I’m Only Dancing

Life On Mars

And that’s it for David Bowie. I hope you enjoyed me selectons.







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