First a short history.

I did Renaissance a few months ago. One of the tracks I added, was called Ocean Gypsy, feel free to visit the page and listen to their version of Ocean Gypsy.

About a month later, I decided to look for Ocean Gypsy on my search engine just out of interest and I found a cover version by a group called Blackmore’s Night.

Oh hum I thought, I’m used to hearing cover versions of my favourite songs, and they’re usually rubbish.I’d never even heard of Blackmore’s Night.

Then I played it. And to be quite frank, I’m not sure that it’s not a better version.

Here it is, compare it for yourself.

So here I am doing a page about a group that six months ago I’d never heard of, yet already I like them enough to add to my collection.

First the required links Blackmore’s Night’s home page (that looks weird- the two apostrophes)

And here’s a link to their Wiki page

Blackmore’s Night seems to consist of two main artistes, from which they get their name, Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night.

Rictchie Blackmore was involved with the groups Deep Purple and Rainbow.

Here’s another link to Candice Night’s web page

This group was only formed around 1997, so considering the sort of music I usually listen too, this is very modern. They have 7 albums that I know of, possibly even 8 by now.

So let hit the music. Ocean Gypsy I’ve already added, Its from the album Shadow of the Moon

Also from Shadow of the Moon is the title track of the album

Sticking with a Moon motif we have Under a Violet Moon, from the album of the same name


And I’m going to end this with another title track. This one from the album Ghost of a Rose.

That’s Blackmore’s Night







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