Fun, to start with there seems to be no wiki page for this group and neither can I find a homepage for them. So this page is pretty much going to be dedicated just to the songs and not much else.

To my knowledge, Big Lost Rainbow only have one self titled CD out there, so all tracks listed here can be found on that CD.

Lets jump to the music!

The first song I have for you is called Brothers. I’ve also seen it listed as Brothers of the Future

This one is called Patricia Jane Moon

This one is Ocean

Ideally I’d like to have added Slow Rider as the last track here, but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere online at this time for me to pay Homage to it. Indeed, there seem to be so few songs available at the moment, and since there is only the one album by them that Iknow of, I’m leaving this page at just the three songs. I hope you enjoy them.

More than six months later I have found a fourth track to add to the page

Lady Love

Hope you like it.












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