I can find no home page for them, but here is a wiki page to the group Andwella. Andwella is the name the group adopted after the release of their first album, Love And Poetry.

Because the did change their name after the releae of their first album, I feel confident in saying that they only produced the one album as Andwella’s Dream.

I’m not going to merge Andwella with Andwella’s Dream for two very good reasons. Firstly, I have no albums from when they changed their name and secondly I’m not going to merge any groups that change their name as such name changes often involve a different line up of musicians anyway. By the same stroke, a group that changes it’s line up often but keeps the same name will still only get the one page.

So, the music

Here’s Take My Road

High On A Mountain

Midday Sun


Thats it for Andwella’s Dream.












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